Energy Drinks

So we take a 20oz cup, add a Monster Energy drink, our fluffy snow, and one of our 100+ flavors, and WHAMBO, you've got a  Monster SnoBall. Get ready for Warp Speed!


Hot Cocoa

This fall we will be introducing Flavored Hot Cocoa! We have selected a handful of our best flavors to mix with delicious hot cocoa. The result is a delicious treat to help warm you up as it gets colder outside!



Shaved Ice is what we specialize in here at Lil' Yeti SnoBalls. We pride ourselves in handing out the fluffiest of snow. We have over 100 flavors to soak that with. If your a purist, go with one! For the adventurous types, try two! If you want to just go HAM with your snoball, try as many flavors as you like! Be advised, it is .50 cents per flavor after your first two!


A lil' bit about, Lil' Yeti SnoBalls

Lil' Yeti SnoBalls is a family owned and operated business.

We opened our first location in Chesapeake in 2014 and now have two more locations in Suffolk. (See Locations Page)

Our delicious snoballs are inspired by New Orleans and Hawaiian style shaved ice. This is NOT a snowcone! We create finely shaved ice that absorbs and holds flavors, melting in your mouth for a wonderful taste experience. We have over 100 of the best tasting flavors, nearly anything you can think of.

Please come out and enjoy a Lil' Yeti SnoBall, say high to Yuri the Yeti, and have a wonderful day.